Manchester Jewish Museum's director on leave

May 6, 2010

The cash-strapped Manchester Jewish Museum has suffered another setback with its director having to take extended leave because of health concerns.

Stuart Hilton has suspected ligament problems in his spine, making it difficult for him to walk. His absence could jeopardise the museum's financial recovery after a positive initial response to its emergency financial appeal for £5 monthly donations.

"We know we are getting an extra £1,000 income, which is brilliant, but is nowhere near our target of £6,000 a month," Mr Hilton explained.

"In my absence that type of thing could fall by the wayside."

Trustees' chair Anne Millan hopes Mr Hilton will be able to return in a month. Without him, "the trustees are taking on a bit more of the work. The appeal is still bringing in some money and seeds of recovery are being seen."

Last updated: 12:53pm, May 6 2010