Tony Blair praises Tzedek in Passover message

April 1, 2010

Tony Blair has paid tribute to international development charity Tzedek in a Pesach message.

"The need to repair a broken world, tikkun olam, is deeply embedded in Jewish community values," Mr Blair wrote. Tzedek was "making a real and sustainable difference to the lives of those living on the poverty line".

He took encouragement from the trend of "people of faith, and the Jewish community in particular, donating more and more to those outside their own faith and locality and giving to global causes".

A "faiths act fellows" pair from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Natasha Steele and Myriam Volk, are approaching the end of their fellowship at the Jewish Social Action Hub. The pair, a Jew and a Christian, have been organising small multi-faith events in London to raise funds and awareness of deaths caused by malaria.

Mr Blair noted that "Tzedek has provided great support and encouragement for their work" and wanted "to thank you deeply".

Last updated: 11:17am, April 1 2010