Hasmonean pupils 'Pay it Forward'

By Robyn Rosen, March 4, 2010

A Hasmonean pupil from Stanmore has introduced a programme to increase mitzvot in honour of his mother, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Pay it Forward was launched at the Hasmonean boys' and girls' schools last week, encouraging pupils to take on good deeds such as free babysitting and checking that mezuzot are kosher.

Josh Reindorp, 15, and his friend Refoel Sandler set up the scheme in honour of Josh's mother Shoshana, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last summer.

The pupils and Josh's 21-year-old brother Sholom, who is studying at yeshivah, have produced A5-sized cards with a list of 36 good deed suggestions and wristbands with the slogan: "Pay it forward, you made a difference."

"My mother is very ill and the doctors haven't given her the best news," Josh said.

"We have decided that you can't just be upset and not do anything about it. We've got to get out and do something positive."

Sholom added: "The aim of the programme is to change the children's lives in a positive way, which, by ripple effect, will ultimately lead to the improvement of the lives of many other people as well."

Last updated: 4:03pm, March 4 2010