Four new charities to help teens and families

By Leon Symons, March 4, 2010

Four new charities to help teenagers and families have risen from the ashes of a recession-hit one.

A year ago, the Northwest Clubhouse in Hendon was on the verge of closure after one of its main funders suffered heavy losses in the credit crunch.

"We had to see if there was some way of restructuring so that we could ensure somehow that the services we provided would continue," said one of its leaders, Harris Rosenberg. "We achieved that - and in fact the constituent parts have not only continued but have thrived in the ensuing year."

He added that the umbrella charity formed by the Clubhouse had been split into the boys' Clubhouse, the girls' Clubhouse, Jewish School Services and the Achva debt counselling service. Family counselling is also available.

"The community and Barnet Council have been very supportive and that support has allowed various projects to carry on," Mr Rosenberg said. "We have always helped people right across the community and will continue to do so."

Last updated: 4:04pm, March 4 2010