Elstree nursery fails the Ofsted security test

By Jay Grenby, February 25, 2010

A shul-based independent nursery has been criticised by Ofsted following an unannounced visit prompted by concerns raised by a parent.
Ofsted found that the Little Bicks premises at Ohr Yisroel (Federation) Synagogue in Elstree "were not secure and an intruder could enter". It further could not "evidence that there was always a suitable manager working on a day-to-day basis".

Little Bicks has been asked to ensure that the premises are secure, with adequate staff. "This refers to ensuring that all staff, including managers, maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of staff attendance." It will be monitored on compliance.

Ohr Yisroel chair Martin Landau said the security issue had been rectified. "It was sheer coincidence," he claimed, "that the Ofsted inspector arrived just after a parent had left the building without telling staff, so that the door was not locked behind her, as is standard practice. Nevertheless, we have now installed a more foolproof door-locking system, so that we no longer have to rely on any human input." He added that "there is one member of staff to every three children, which is a very good ratio".

Little Bicks co-director Louise Bick said: "The safety of the children is our highest priority and we are incredibly proud of the excellent report the nursery received during its Ofsted inspection in July."

Last updated: 4:38pm, February 25 2010