WJR knitting group goes global

February 18, 2010
World Jewish Relief’s Linda Rosenblatt hands over a blanket in Moldova

World Jewish Relief’s Linda Rosenblatt hands over a blanket in Moldova

A knitting aid venture launched by a group of women supporting World Jewish Relief has gone global.

Over 2,400 squares have been stitched for 60 blankets to help WJR clients keep warm in Eastern Europe during the freezing winter months. And a voluntary workforce of close on 1,000 recruited by the Pomegranate committee includes women from France, Israel and America.

Through WJR's Gifts in Kind programme, the large colourful blankets are being dispatched to Jewish communities in Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Belarus.

"Knitting is definitely the new rock and roll," claimed Lin Morris, the driving force behind PomKnits. "I'm overwhelmed by the enthusiasm. We now have dedicated knitting circles in Newcastle, Manchester, Norwich and Suffolk and several in London - not to mention those abroad.

"It is a real 'win win' situation. The elderly people in the desperate communities are so happy to receive such beautiful blankets and the knitters have fun doing something which ultimately makes a real difference to people's lives."

WJR vice-chairman Linda Rosenblatt delivered some of the blankets in person during a mission to Moldova. "People were overwhelmed and extremely touched to know that Jewish women in England had lovingly stitched these blankets for them," she said.

Last updated: 5:59pm, February 18 2010