Scot and bothered over future

By Stephanie Brickman, January 21, 2010

A row has erupted in Glasgow over plans by the local representative council to hold a meeting on the community’s future.

News of the meeting was leaked by a blogger identified only as “One of the privileged few” on the website of the Glasgow Jewish Educational Forum (GJEF).

The news prompted a flurry of critical posts, with the original blogger writing: “I think it is not acceptable that the future of our community is discussed and decided upon by a secret cabal.”

Other contributors took issue with the invitation list, pointing out that Maccabi had two seats, yet the J-Soc had none. There was also no chaplaincy, Friends of Hebrew University or GJEF representation.

Rep council president Philip Mendelsohn said the leak was “unfortunate as it means the information is being discussed out of context. The Glasgow Jewish Representative Council draws its membership from all parts of the community and the planned meeting is, as the letter explained, only a first step.

“The process will take time and input from many both within and outside the community; consultation was always seen as an important element. The meeting is going ahead as planned. If anyone wishes to put forward their points of view we will be delighted to receive them.”

At the GJEF, Tony Tankel was pleased that the blog had stimulated debate. “People now have a forum where they can share their views about what is happening in the community and beyond.

“We are aware from the very high traffic that this issue is of interest and we would encourage anyone who has a view on it to post their comment,” he said.

Last updated: 3:39pm, January 21 2010