Shul regulars enjoy a comfort break

By Jay Grenby, January 7, 2010

St Albans Synagogue members have bid a far from reluctant farewell to the 1950s’ metal seating installed when the shul was built. Although the chairs could now be deemed almost fashionable as retro items, most congregants found them cold and uncomfortable, particularly during the long High Holy-Day services.

The replacement seating features gold frames and more user friendly red padded seats, matching other shul furnishings. They are part of a £35,000 makeover, also including new blinds, ceiling tiles and a complete reconstruction of the building’s flat roof.

Chairman Derek Wenzerul said: “The shul has undergone an amazing transformation. Board members Martin Wise and Nigel Marks organised these long overdue improvements that have enhanced the visual image.”

Last updated: 2:07pm, January 15 2010