Financial scare for Manchester museum

By Jonathan Kalmus, January 7, 2010

Manchester Jewish Museum remains in financial turmoil despite government support and a strong communal response to its survival appeal.

Director Stuart Hilton revealed that a contribution had been promised by the Department of Communities in recognition of the museum’s cross-communal educational work. It hosts up to 500 school groups each year from across the north of England, but numbers have fallen during the recession.

Although “a great confidence booster for all of us at the museum, it doesn’t fundamentally change the problem,” Mr Hilton said. “This year has got to be about resolving how to get sustainable funding.”

Around 350 community members have responded to its call for a £5 monthly donation, but 1,000 supporters are needed to plug the monthly shortfall of £5,000.

However, the increased backing from Manchester Jewry had left Mr Hilton optimistic about the future, which includes plans for the museum to take on outreach work in schools.

    Last updated: 4:11pm, January 7 2010