CST welcomes extra police patrols

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 29, 2009

The Community Security Trust has welcomed the launch of a police campaign against antisocial behaviour in Prestwich after a rise in incidents of intimidation by groups of youths. Notices have been posted in local synagogues urging people to inform police about the offenders, who are thought to come from outside the main Jewish areas.

Funding has been sought from Bury Council to facilitate larger numbers of foot patrols by police officers across Prestwich. PC Andy Ferguson says the aim is to reassure residents.

“We are working with Bury Safe, the department for antisocial behaviour at the town hall. We’ve also had an increase in robberies.”

Last week, “a substantial amount of jewellery” was stolen from the Leslie Donn shop on Bury Old Road. A delivery driver was shoved into the back of his van as he left the premises while the assailants made off with a security box, escaping in a 2003-registered black car. Police are appealing for witnesses.

Extra police patrols have also been arranged in the neighbouring area of Broughton Park. Youths were seen lobbing snowballs at strictly Orthodox community members from a silver Vauxhall Corsa on December 22.

A senior representative of Charedi group the Broughton Park Citizens Patrol reported similar incidents. “We’ve had a fair presence of plain-clothed policemen patrolling the area at night, partly on our request. We give full credit to local policing, which has resulted in an overall drop in crime.”

Last updated: 1:13pm, December 31 2009