Limmud chair covers all bases

December 3, 2009

Long-time senior Limmud volunteer Carolyn Bogush is taking over as chair of the educational organisation, replacing Elliott Goldstein, who held the post for four years.

“Under Elliott’s leadership we have seen Limmud’s reputation and activities grow at a phenomenal pace,” Ms Bogush said. “No one could have predicted four years ago that by the end of 2009 there would be Limmud volunteer teams in close to 50 communities outside of the UK running popular educational events. It’s a tribute to Elliott’s vision and drive that our model of volunteer-led cross-communal Jewish learning is now one of British Jewry’s greatest exports.”

Limmud’s flagship event is the annual conference, held in Warwick over the Christmas period, where the 2,000-plus participants will have a choice of over 800 sessions.

There are regional Limmud teams in 15 UK communities, including Glasgow, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool and Hackney.

Last updated: 4:14pm, December 3 2009