Stanley Fink backs Liberal Judaism

November 26, 2009

Hedge fund boss and Tory Party fundraiser Stanley Fink lauded the inclusive nature of Liberal congregations when he hosted Liberal Judaism’s patrons evening in central London on Monday.

Mr Fink said that he and his wife Barbara had been warmly welcomed by the movement. Its ethos tallied with their own and they had become keen advocates of Liberal Judaism.

Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich told patrons that their donations were being used in creative ways. As well as supporting the development of new communities, the money was helping younger congregants.

For example, Deborah Sevitt of West Central Liberal Synagogue spoke about her discovery of Judaism through the movement’s “tent” group. Cambridge undergraduate Amelia Viney credited her admission to the university to the passion for Judaism, Israel and LJY-Netzer exhibited during her interview.

The event also served as the launch of the Rabbi Dr Sidney Brichto Publications Fund, supporting Liberal Judaism’s new Haggadah, scheduled for release next year.

Last updated: 4:22pm, November 26 2009