'Flash' dance steps up WJR profile

By Ben Jaglom, October 22, 2009
Volunteers spelling out their support for WJR at the O2 Centre

Volunteers spelling out their support for WJR at the O2 Centre

A flashmob-style event drew World Jewish Relief supporters young and old to the 02 Centre in Finchley Road for a dance and promotional extravaganza.

They had responded to a viral marketing campaign urging them to turn up at the venue at a specified hour and to bring along good-as-new warm clothes or unopened toiletries.

Volunteers were treated to a wintry-themed performance by young local group Dancing With Louise to the appropriate strains of Ice Ice Baby and Cold As Ice.

They then filled three bags with clothes and toiletries for WJR’s Operation Winter Survival programme aiding Jews in Eastern Europe. Finally, the volunteers arranged themselves to form a human WJR logo.

WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni said the activity reflected the charity’s different approach. “The Jewish community are inundated with requests for money, but this time we are asking for clothing. Many people have jackets and items of winter clothing they no longer wear.

“For those in the communities where we work and where temperatures fall to -20°, these clothes are the difference between life and death.”

Among the volunteers was Anne Astaire from Swiss Cottage, who said she had attended because “I wanted to help people who have absolutely nothing. To get involved in this event for World Jewish Relief was the least I could do”.

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