Lofty ideals for Orthodox

By Robyn Rosen, October 22, 2009

Haringey housing bosses are appealing to residents to help refine a rulebook on loft extensions, a key issue in strictly Orthodox households.

The council is to undertake a six-week consultation on the guide, which sets out design principles for home extensions in keeping with the character of the neighbourhood.

There are, on average, six children per household in South Tottenham and many families live in cramped conditions. Some loft extensions do not meet council guidelines.

Earlier this year, diamond wholesaler David Kahn was ordered to pay £2,500 costs and given an 18-month conditional discharge after a six-year battle with the council over alterations to his Tottenham home.

Council leader Claire Kober said there was a pressing need to clarify planning guidance and to regularise house extensions.

“As a council we have a responsibility to support families and communities and help them thrive. This is pioneering work, protecting the infrastructure while supporting the community in a way that will benefit the whole area.”

Last updated: 6:18pm, October 22 2009