Why Elvis went back on the road

By Jay Grenby, August 21, 2009
The first ever Elvis tribute on the M1?

The first ever Elvis tribute on the M1?

Elvis impersonator Martyn Dias starred this week in probably the first-ever Elvis tribute concert given on a British motorway.

Mr Dias, who performs as Elvis Schmelvis, hit traffic problems returning to St Albans from a commemorative street party outside Elvisly Yours, the memorabilia shop in Baker Street owned by Radlett Jewish community member Sid Shaw.

Stuck in a massive tailback with fellow tribute artist Elvince after an accident had closed both carriageways of the M1, the duo decided to brighten the day for fellow motorists.

Dressed as their alter egos, they got out of the car and set up a portable speaker, guitars, microphones and backing music and were soon belting out versions of Elvis classics.

“It was great fun,” said Mr Dias, a Welwyn Garden Synagogue member.

“We were still buzzing from all the attention the street party received and seeing all the stationary traffic up ahead, we couldn’t resist ‘one for the road.’”

Last updated: 5:28pm, October 13 2009