Finchley shul hosts Eid Somalis

July 31, 2014

Members of the Somali Bravanese Welfare Association, whose centre was burnt down in an arson attack last year, enjoyed a kosher-catered Eid celebration at Finchley Synagogue.

Since the attack, temporary accommodation for the Bravanese group has been arranged by Barnet Citizens, an alliance of local schools, shuls, youth groups and community centres. Ramadan was marked at Finchley Reform Synagogue.

The Eid celebration was arranged by Citizens UK and sponsored by Church of England fund Near Neighbours. North London Citizens executive member Andrew Jacobs said it was "a wonderful example of what can happen when communities are organised to work together for the common good".

Finchley Synagogue member and Holocaust survivor Philip Stockman welcomed the guests. "Their building was burnt down in a hate attack," he said. "Who more than the Jewish community should understand this? Who more than the Jewish community should host them after such a thing?"

The Bravanese group's chairman, Abubakar Ali, said "a big thank-you to Kinloss United Synagogue, Citizens UK and Near Neighbours. We hope our centre will be rebuilt to allow us to host Kinloss in a show of our appreciation."

Last updated: 5:15pm, August 4 2014