Landaus are relishing the good life in Kingston

By Jay Grenby, July 14, 2014
Shoshana and Rabbi Samuel Landau with their recent arrival

Shoshana and Rabbi Samuel Landau with their recent arrival

As Kingston, Surbiton and District Synagogue is the full title of Kingston's United congregation, Surbiton-set self-sufficiency sitcom The Good Life was an apt theme for the induction of Rabbi Samuel and Shoshana Landau, who have a joint leadership role.

For his induction address, Rabbi Landau used a variety of gardening accessories, including tools and a watering can, to draw analogies between horticulture, the study of Torah and the growth of the community. He illustrated his point by waving a "magic" wand over an empty flower pot from which a flower then appeared. By nurturing seeds, he said, the community would grow like a mighty oak tree, concluding that "here in Surbiton, we indeed live the good life".

London Beth Din head Dayan Menachem Gelley told the 200 members and guests that the shul had recruited a "dynamic, amazing young couple under whose twin leadership the shul will go from strength to strength". Kingston chair Dr Martin Wolfson spoke of Rabbi Landau as an inspirational leader and praised the rebbetzin's ideas, energy and enterprise.

Rabbi Landau recently gained a first-class BSc in psychology from University College London. He is to embark on a doctorate in clinical psychology.

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