Interfaith Pesach

By JCReporter, April 28, 2014

North-west London's newest Jewish community, Mosaic, enjoyed an interfaith Pesach period.
Before the festival, more than 40 Mosaic members attended a service at Harrow Mosque also involving the Methodist community. This was followed by a discussion about the work being done by the three faiths to tackle the shrinking Dead Sea and pollution in the River Jordan.

Thirteen-year-old Mosaic member Sam Phillips said afterwards: "I welcome the opportunity to interact with people from the other faiths and learn about their way of life. Everybody I spoke to had a positive attitude and was eager to learn about Judaism."

Mosaic's communal Seder at the congregation's Harrow premises was organised in collaboration with Ashford Place (formerly Cricklewood Homeless Concern) and was open to the homeless, regardless of religion.

One of Mosaic's rabbinic team, Frank Dabba Smith, said the events "very clearly signpost the new community's outward-looking and action-oriented approach to Judaism.

"Festivals such as Passover must not solely be about ritual observance. Instead, we must understand its message and respond with practical action, feeding homeless people and building bridges to those with traditions different to our own. I am extremely proud to be part of this."

Last updated: 5:50pm, April 28 2014