Recalling the Great War effort

By Charlotte Oliver, March 24, 2014

London's Jewish Museum took supporters back 100 years on Tuesday night for the launch of its new exhibition, For King and Country, charting the Jewish experience during the First World War.

Decorated war veterans were among the guests who perused a wealth of exhibits reflecting the experience of the Jews who fought for Britain.

The evening began with a moving rendition of Onward, the official hymn of the Jewish Legion during the war, by the London Jewish Male Choir.

Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women president Lord Sterling said the exhibition had forged a partnership between the Jewish Museum and the Jewish Military Museum.

"In life, you wonder: 'Have I made a difference?' Over the years, the Jewish community has certainly made a difference. We have continually served for Britain - and have died for it."

Guest of honour, Admiral Lord West, spoke of his personal experience of war. "It is a horrible, unpleasant thing. But there are times when we do have to fight because, if we don't, evil prevails.

"This exhibition is a timely reminder of the Jewish community's contribution," he said.

Last updated: 11:14am, March 24 2014