Mass-orti day

February 17, 2014
Helena Raymond-Hayling works on bicycle repair

Helena Raymond-Hayling works on bicycle repair

From a papal audience to bicycle repairs, Sunday's Yom Masorti educational day had something for everyone among the record 300-plus crowd at Finchley's New North London Synagogue.

Labour peer and founder of Masorti's Stoke Newington congregation, Lord Glasman, spoke about his audience with the Pope. Ivor Jacobs, son of the late Masorti movement founder, Rabbi Louis Jacobs, traced its 50-year history and Masorti rabbis Jonathan Wittenberg, Jeremy Gordon, Daniella Kolodny and Joel Levy, plus student rabbi Roni Tabick, also took sessions.

In a demographic presentation, Board of Deputies senior researcher Daniel Vulkan highlighted the growth of Masorti, and movement chief executive Matt Plen spoke about new groups in Shenley and Muswell Hill.

Yom Masorti also hosted the Bike Project - repairing bikes to pass on to destitute asylum seekers - and the first community-wide screening organised by Jewish Genetic Disorders UK. Activities for younger guests included African drumming and circus skills.

Organising committee member Liz Preter said the event was about "people of all backgrounds and all ages getting together, being proud of our communities and celebrating our achievements, our dynamism and our creative potential. The day showed how fast we're growing. There was a real feeling of vibrancy."

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