Learning to love Limmud up north

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 13, 2014
Yiddlesticks provided the music

Yiddlesticks provided the music

Manchester's biggest ever Limmud event attracted around 600 people to a learning programme in Didsbury on Sunday.

Presenters included one Reform rabbi - Menorah Synagogue's Haim Shalom - while five Orthodox ministers participated. But organisers maintained that the programme was balanced.

Co-chair Rebecca Lewis said: "There is a perception of Manchester as too divided with too little common ground for a cross-communal event like Limmud. But we did find that common ground and it was a wonderful day with some spending it in Reiki meditation while others spent the day learning Torah."

Secular content included a lively debate featuring Israeli journalists Oren Kessler and Elon Perry on whether Anglo-Jewry is irrelevant to Israel. Jewish Leadership Council CEO Simon Johnson was also involved in the event.

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