'Israelis need to mix with UK Jews'

By Sandy Rashty, January 20, 2014
Ambassador Daniel Taub at the IBC event (Photo: RayaCottrell Photography)

Ambassador Daniel Taub at the IBC event (Photo: RayaCottrell Photography)

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub has urged Israelis living here to engage with British Jews, saying it was “sad” that they were only really connected by the anti-boycott movement.

Giving an address in Ivrit to an Israeli Business Club event in Hampstead this week, he told the 90 Israelis that there was a divide between the two communities.

He said afterwards that “we have a very vibrant Israeli community, we have a Jewish community that is very closely connected with Israel, but we have very few points of contact. There’s little communication and synergy between the two.

“It seems to me a little sad that the only thing that unites the communities is when they feel that Israel is being attacked and they need to be on the defensive.”

He suggested that joint activities, from cultural events to attending March of the Living together, would bring the communities closer. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a significant Israeli participation in the March of the Living, alongside [British] Jews. Maybe some of the schools could take advantage of the Israelis to help some of the Ivrit teachers.”

Business club chair Liora Torn-Hibler said: “We would love to work more closely with the Jewish community, exploring different business avenues whilst promoting Israel, which is the goal closest to all of our hearts.”

Last updated: 11:58am, January 20 2014