Blooming marvellous Kisharon garden tie-in

January 6, 2014

The Kisharon special needs charity teamed up with St Joseph’s Pastoral Centre for those with learning difficulties for an indoor gardening venture, creating a “living wall” in the atrium of Kisharon’s adult day centre in Hendon.

Service users drilled holes for holders and then arranged the plants and flowers, some donated by Finchley Nurseries.

“We had the idea for an interfaith project because of Mitzvah Day,” explained Kisharon volunteer co-ordinator, Lara Domjam, who led the session with Kennett Westmacott from Hendon-based St Joseph’s.

Kisharon chief executive Dr Beverley Jacobson added that “the collaboration between our organisations is really exciting and our service users have enjoyed the experience of working together”.

The previous week, the charities had created a “Star of David” on the roof garden of St Joseph’s.
St Joseph’s director John Coleby said: “It has been wonderful to get together with another local organisation and to share ideas.”

Last updated: 4:45pm, January 6 2014