Every little mistake helps

By Faga Speker, October 28, 2013

A Newcastle Hebrew Congregation member who was overpaid by more than £500 on a Tesco.com refund has donated the money to charity.

When Gwen Lamb returned a TV she had purchased after deciding it was too small, she expected a £139 refund. “However, when I checked my bank statement I realised I had been overpaid.

“At first Tesco denied that there could have been a mistake but I persisted, because I am honest. Eventually I had a nice letter from Tesco explaining that out of thousands of customers who have been over-refunded, I am the only one who has been so honest. And as a reward, please accept the money.”

The retired businesswoman has split her windfall between Jewish causes in Gateshead, Leeds and Edgware.

Last updated: 10:45am, October 28 2013