Chance encounter aids E-Buddy drive

By Sandy Rashty, September 16, 2013
The Clifford Chance staff who will be taking part in the programme (Photo: Sharon Green)

The Clifford Chance staff who will be taking part in the programme (Photo: Sharon Green)

Norwood has partnered with a leading law firm on a volunteering and specialist support initiative.
The link-up with City solicitors Clifford Chance has launched the E-buddy programme, designed to get vulnerable adults and corporate employees talking via email.

A Norwood spokesperson said the Clifford Chance staff would benefit from corresponding with “someone they wouldn’t necessarily come into contact with otherwise”.

The email contact was “easy access for them and can be done during their working hours. It’s very accessible and not overly demanding for either party but also potentially quite impactful and intriguing for both as they get to know each other.”

Another product of the partnership is that Clifford Chance will devote part of its corporate social responsibility drive to offering the charity pro bono legal advice.

The spokesperson added: “As a charity, we are very fortunate to work with a number of legal partners who provide some services on a pro bono basis. Clifford Chance will expand our network in specialist legal areas that will prove very beneficial to Norwood.”

Clifford Chance partner Philip Hertz — who has completed multiple challenges to fundraise for Norwood — was a prime mover behind the partnership. He described it as “tremendously exciting and rewarding as it provides our staff with the chance to become more involved in the community”.

Last updated: 11:45am, September 16 2013