Ariella, 12, scores a home win

By Zoe Winograd, August 26, 2013
Early learner: Ariella Raz

Early learner: Ariella Raz

Twelve-year-old Ariella Raz from Stanmore “exceeded her expectations” in recording a 98 per cent score in her AS level maths exam.

Home-schooled since the age of nine —“you can do your studies in your pyjamas” — Ariella was anticipating a top result in GCSE further maths, having already attained an A* in GCSE maths. She hopes to sit A-level maths and GCSE physics and law next year.

Ariella’s mother, Sarah, said her daughter had been “bored and frustrated at regular school”, so the family elected to teach her at home. Twin sister Talia is a student at Yavneh College.

Reading a novel a day, Ariella has a particular love of historical fiction. But “mathematics is my passion”. She hopes to study maths at Cambridge and go on to become a mathematician.

Her parents are considering sending her back to school “to be a part of the community, make a wider circle of friends and further her Jewish education. But we have to find a solution where she won’t be bored out of her brains.”

Last updated: 11:45am, August 26 2013