Bercow is backing HET

July 15, 2013
John Bercow addresses the reception

John Bercow addresses the reception

Following a London conference for the Holocaust Educational Trust’s young ambassadors on Monday, ambassadors, survivors and key HET supporters were hosted by the Speaker, John Bercow, in Westminster.

The ambassador programme involves young people who have been chosen by the trust to run outreach programmes using the knowledge they have gained from participating in its Lessons from Auschwitz scheme.

Mr Bercow said that while he was impartial in his Parliamentary role, “I think I am entitled to take sides between good and evil. The work that the Holocaust Educational Trust does is incredible. As long as I’m Speaker and you want to come to Speaker’s House, you only need to ask.”

Former BP boss Lord Browne, who heads the ambassador programme, stressed the importance of passing on the personal testimony of survivors, “which kept the Holocaust relevant for people of my generation and my parents’ generation”.

The ambassadors included Salisbury University student Andrew Miller, 19, who said: “Survivors make the Holocaust living history. We have to pass their stories on.”
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