Cutting edge funding

By John Fisher, July 8, 2013
Avril Gaunt at the sharp end

Avril Gaunt at the sharp end

In a shattering experience, Leeds community members raised £6,000-plus for the forthcoming local Jewish youth campus by walking on broken glass.

The pain was evident on the faces of the 26 volunteers who trod gingerly over 2,000 broken wine bottles on Sunday in the Brodetsky School grounds. But they survived with barely a scratch.

“It was like walking on egg shells but nicer,” explained participant Shirley Solk. “I didn’t even remember what I was told to do [by the professionals], such as deep breathing with each step and taking it nice and easy. I really felt relaxed and I suppose that helped.”

David Shaw compared the sensation to walking on sand. “It felt a little bit sharp at times but the shards never felt like they were cutting. I enjoyed the experience and so did the crowd, who were amazing.”
Organiser Jo Harris said the event had been “a great example of how community organisations can work together”.

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