Belated batmitzvah celebrations in Stanmore

June 17, 2013

Thirty-two women aged from late-30s to 70-plus have completed Stanmore Synagogue’s first “Batmitzvah Two” programme, spearheaded by rebbetzen Aviva Landau.

Most of the participants in the comprehensive six-week course had felt a sense of loss at not having had a batmitzvah in their youth.

And after sessions on topics ranging from challah plaiting to kashrut, a graduation ceremony was held where four of the women shared their divrei Torah with Lady Sacks, who led a discussion on the course and on becoming batmitzvah. The celebrations continued at the subsequent Shabbat when the women received a special batmitzvah blessing from Stanmore senior rabbi Mendel Lew.

“Several women whose daughters and even granddaughters have enjoyed wonderful bnot mitzvot had told me their own coming of age education lacked in some way,” the rebbetzen said.

“So our programme was created to explain the true significance of many of the rituals that are part of everyday life, as well as to provoke interest in some lesser known mitzvot.”

Last updated: 10:45am, June 17 2013