Taking charge in Glasgow with a 'radical' agenda

By Adam Henderson, June 10, 2013
Paul Morron

Paul Morron

New Glasgow Jewish Representative Council president Paul Morron is promising “radical change”.

But support for Israel would remain a key element, the 65-year-old told the council’s AGM on Monday. “Because if leadership on Israel doesn’t come from the leadership of the Jewish community, then where is it going to come from? I’m going to start a campaign to upgrade the amount of interest we take in Israel.”

A vice-president under predecessor Edward Isaacs, Mr Morron brings to the role lengthy experience from a career in the Scottish criminal justice and social service systems, recognised with an MBE in 1997. He also served on the boards of several Jewish and non-Jewish charities. “I have a lot of strategic planning and management experience and my record is very strongly in modernisation and innovation.”

One of the key reasons behind his nomination was his work in the Community Futures project. “It was looking at the future needs of the Glasgow Jewish community in every aspect because we’re a shrinking community running out of human resources. So we need to look at how the community is structured to make it more efficient, effective and inclusive.

Mr Morron added: “It’s an important year for the council because my presidency takes us into its centenary and we need to use it to look ahead.

“We’ve got to introduce modernity into the community and we must reach out to them much more. We need a major innovation in online communication.

“The council can’t continue to be based on efforts by a group of overstretched volunteers. We need paid staff to take our agenda forward.

I am in discussions — nationally — with a range of organisations and trusts to see if we can get money to support this.

I also want to reach out to ex-pats. Traditionally, we’ve not been a money- raising organisation but that has to change.”

But he saw his greatest challenge as having “a generational change of leadership by the time my terms ends. So I do intend — within 12 months — to have far younger office bearers and executives around me.”

Last updated: 10:45am, June 10 2013