Liverpool welfare in cash crisis

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 20, 2013

Merseyside Jewish Community Care chief executive Lisa Dolan has warned of a funding crisis as the MJCC faces a £39,000 operational deficit, its largest in recent times.

Ms Dolan reported “concerns over the economy and the direct impact of local government decisions upon our community. Cuts to grant funding have hit MJCC very hard.”

The charity receives no public funds for its work but has seen a 13 per cent rise in people registering for help this year, taking the total to 588. Overall demand for MJCC services is up by 35 per cent.

A £20,000 grant towards kosher meals and £9,000 in carer grants from Liverpool City Council were cut last year.
The kosher meals service provides 5,000 meals annually and costs £55,000 to run.

“It is vital that potential funders fully understand what we are about and the value of the service we provide,” Ms Dolan said.

“All community members can act as ambassadors for MJCC, informing GPs, councillors and professionals in the city about how we provide well-being and preventative health services.”

Last updated: 9:45am, May 20 2013