Generous George has it all on tap

By Zoe Winograd, May 6, 2013
George Rosenfeld pumped up in Zambia

George Rosenfeld pumped up in Zambia

A New West End Synagogue barmitzvah boy has dedicated the year of his coming of age to raising £65,000 to assist communities without access to “safe water”.

Now 14, George Rosenfeld began his support for the Water Aid charity by asking guests at his simchah to make donations for parking spaces near the synagogue. He also donated a substantial amount of his barmitzvah money and brought in £8,500 from three quiz nights he hosted.

The City of London pupil has since got his school involved, raising £16,000 from a sponsored swim. A CD recorded by his band The Four Sons also benefited Water Aid, along with communal charities. The next event is a 24-hour fishing marathon.

To experience Water Aid’s work at first-hand, he visited Zambia last month. “We saw some schools and villages which had no water and some with water — the difference was incredible.”

“We are taught as Jews that if we save one life we are saving the world. So I felt this was a charity that would help the most people.”

Last updated: 10:45am, May 6 2013