Norwood rolls out Pesach appeal

March 25, 2013

The story of Norwood’s support to a seven-year-old boy with learning difficulties is the theme of its Pesach appeal, which has a target of £100,000-plus.

Aaron was separated from his mother at the age of five, suffering feelings of abandonment. He found it difficult to communicate and struggled at school, becoming increasingly disruptive in class.

Recognising that he needed help, his teacher put Aaron’s grandmother, his legal guardian, in touch with Binoh, Norwood’s special education service. He was assessed by Norwood therapists who tailored a programme to his needs.

With Norwood’s support, he has been able to express his feelings, enabling him to readjust to his new life.
Norwood chief executive Elaine Kerr said: “Norwood supports hundreds of children like Aaron, helping them cope with the overwhelming struggles they face on a daily basis. We need the community’s continued generosity to ensure we never have to turn anybody away.”

Last updated: 10:45am, March 25 2013