How to send photos into Faces & Places

November 1, 2011

Please send images in electronic form and DO NOT sent photographic prints. Photography stores can digitise your prints for emailing.

1. Email a high-quality image, preferably 200dpi, in jpeg format and 750k to 2MB in size, to faces&

2. Please include with your image the names of those featured, the celebration, its location, and a photographer’s credit. Please ensure spelling is accurate.

3. Please do NOT telephone with follow-up inquiries. We are unable to advise on when/whether images will be used. There can be long delays: if yours has not been used after three months, you are welcome to email it again.

4. Faces&Places is a free service to readers. Please be aware that while we endeavour to use as many images as we can, space restrictions mean that we cannot guarantee that every image will be used.

5. Please be aware that by submitting a photo to the JC you are agreeing to it appearing in the paper and also on the JC’s website.

Last updated: 3:38pm, November 13 2012