JFS students trained to join world food campaign

By Zoe Winograd, March 1, 2013
JFS students getting in to the IF spirit

JFS students getting in to the IF spirit

JFS sixth-formers took a training session at JHub organised by World Jewish Relief, Tzedek and the Jewish Student Action Forum to prmote the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign , fighting world hunger.

They were taught campaigning techniques with particular focus on social media, presentational skills and compiling a press release.

JFS sixth-former Nebula Hart-Leverton said: “This day was a real eye-opener. This is an issue which can be solved. People just need to be willing to change the system.

The eight participants ended the day by planning three small campaigns to to run at JFS and their local communities. They will be mentored via email.

WJR campaigns manager Richard Verber said the students "were aware of the issues and they wanted to get involved. It was a great day.”

The charities hope to hold a training session for students from other schools in May.

Last updated: 2:04pm, March 1 2013