This is an attack on democracy

By Tzipi Livni, December 17, 2009

For me to be put on trial is an abuse of the British legal system, because it’s not about me, it’s not a lawsuit about Tzipi Livni, it’s not a lawsuit against Israel, it’s a lawsuit against any democracy which fights terror.

I am proud of the decisions I made as Israeli Foreign Minister in order to protect our civilians. I am proud of the Israeli soldiers who have taken action in order to stop terrorism and taken all the necessary steps in order to avoid civilian casualties in impossible situations.

The war against Hamas is a war against those who don’t care for civilian life or human rights, Israeli and Palestinians. The operation in the Gaza Strip stopped terror attacks on Israeli civilians that continued for more than eight years, especially after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, dismantled all the settlements and took its forces out.

Any comparison between the Israeli soldiers and these terrorists is unacceptable. The decisions that we made are the same that any country that wants to defend its citizens would have taken.

It’s about time to put terrorists on trial and not those who try to stop terror and bring life or bring peace to our region.

Tzipi Livni was speaking in Israel

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