The Economist's proper response

January 24, 2014

Another week, another image depicting the idea that the Jews control the world. But this week it’s different. For one thing, while they’re far from unusual in the likes of the Guardian and Independent, when a publication like The Economist joins in, it is a shock.


Not welcome here

January 23, 2014

Two months ago, Theresa May told the Board of Deputies dinner that the government would “not tolerate antisemitism in any form”.

Now is the time for her to prove it.


Sharon towers over today's figures of stature

January 16, 2014

It was, of course, simply an accident of timing — but a decidedly poignant one. On the very day that Ariel Sharon, a man who spent his life defending Israel from its enemies, passed away came the formal announcement of the deal under which sanctions will be eased against Iran.


Where we stand

January 9, 2014

Two weeks after Nicolas Anelka’s quenelle salute and what have we learned? First, that Kick It Out, the organisation that claims to fight racism in football, refuses to utter a word of criticism of the footballer. Even after thinking about the incident for a fortnight. When racist abuse is directed at black players, Kick It Out — quite rightly — is speedy and vocal in its criticism.


No room for doubt about Anelka

January 2, 2014

It should be relatively easy for the FA to deal with Nicolas Anelka. He has knowingly, deliberately and provocatively made an antisemitic gesture during a match. Ignore the nonsense being put about that there is any ambiguity to the ‘quenelle’ — that it is ‘anti-establishment’ rather than antisemitic.


Come clean on Aidan Burley

December 24, 2013

Two years ago Conservative MP Aidan Burley apologised for his participation in a Nazi-themed stag night. But many questions remain about both the incident and Mr Burley’s account of it — not least because the party has refused to make public the results of its own investigation.


Limmud is for us all

December 24, 2013

It is almost impossible to overstate the successof Limmud. In terms of sheer practicalities, it is an enormous undertaking: over 1000 events across 5 days in front of 2,500 people eating 30,000 meals.


United Synagogue's welcome reform

December 13, 2013

The cogs of reform turn slowly in our community. Frustratingly and annoyingly slowly. But when they do move, it is important that those behind the changes are acknowledged and supported because they are often the subject of attack. So credit is due to the United Synagogue for its decision to allow women trustees. It is easy to say that such a change ought to have happened many years ago.


Shimon Peres: force of nature

December 6, 2013

Only Shimon Peres could announce his retirement from the Israeli presidency at the age of 90 in order to return to politics. And only Shimon Peres could make such an announcement and be taken totally seriously.


The hypocrisy of Nick Clegg

December 5, 2013

There is only one word for Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister: hypocrite.

It is one thing for the LibDem leader to refuse to comment on the latest tweet from his LibDem colleague, David Ward. Much as the media would like politicians to answer every question put to them, in the real world they constantly duck difficult issues.