It's that word again

November 16, 2012

That hardy perennial, the chanting of "Yid Army" by Spurs fans, has reared its head again. There is nothing close to a consensus over the issue. Some see it as deeply offensive and an impediment to stamping out racism, and specifically antisemitism, on the terraces. Others see it as analogous to gays taking ownership of the word "queer", and turning abuse on its head.

For Spurs' Jewish fans, the word is sung with pride, all the more for being also sung by non-Jews. One thing is clear: those who have joined the attack on the word are being played by a political operator. Peter Herbert, chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers, has launched the current debate by threatening to report Spurs to the police. To suggest that he has only one real motive - self-publicity - is simply to state what really lies behind this latest attack.

Last updated: 10:08am, November 16 2012