Mazeltov, Greville

November 9, 2012

Usually those who have contributed to the community are honoured too late for them to appreciate it. So it is cheering to report the homage to Lord Janner by the state of Israel, marking the extraordinary contribution made by the politician and barrister, now 84. Not for Greville a soulless plaque on a wall. For him, it had to be a living, breathing and joyful project, and in choosing to name a Jewish and Arab kindergarten in the Galilee the Lord Greville Janner Education Centre, Israel has got it profoundly right. Matthew Gould, the British ambassador, who attended the ceremony, noted that the kindergarten reflected Greville’s long-standing “dedication to building relations between different communities and faiths within Israel”.

It is not just within Israel, of course: from the Commonwealth Jewish Council to the Holocaust Education Trust, both his initiatives, to his own presidency of the Board of Deputies and his work as an MP in a largely Asian constituency, Greville has consistently held out his hand to the other, and has enhanced Anglo-Jewry by doing so. He is an adornment to the community.

Last updated: 11:17am, November 9 2012