Perspective needed

August 16, 2012

Almost every week we record what might be termed "Disgusted of Golders Green" stories. These range from the truly offensive - the nasty little "Zionist Games" from "Swansea Telly", awarding medals for shooting Gaza fishermen - to the, frankly, near ludicrous, such as the "Adolf Hitler" crazy golf in Blackpool.

It is hard to summon righteous anger over a wooden statuette whose arm raises in a parody of a Nazi salute when a lucky putter pots a golf ball. Perhaps similar reticence should be applied to the by now ritual Nazi re-enactments at summer festivals in the north of England.

Nobody wants to belittle genuine upset by survivors but it is time we reserved serious anger on behalf of the community for seriously loathsome behaviour.

In the same spirit, accordingly, we commend Lord Sacks for promptly dissociating himself from the Wyndham Place Charlemagne Trust. The WPCT's decision to urge its supporters to back a campaign to discriminate against Israel within the EU, is thoroughly shameful and reprehensible. It is sad that Sir Sigmund Sternberg, another WPCT patron, has decided not to resign alongside the Chief Rabbi. On some occasions, it is worthwhile to be Disgusted of Golders Green.

Last updated: 3:24pm, August 16 2012