The linking theme

July 26, 2012

It is not every day that would-be terrorists are found guilty of having planned to murder British citizens. So one might have thought that the conviction last week of Mohammed Sajid Khan and his wife, Shasta Khan, would have prompted wall-to-wall coverage in the press and on TV.

The couple were, after all, only prevented from carrying out their plans by a fluke - an act of domestic violence that prompted a complaint to the police. Had they not been called to the house we might now be reporting on an act of mass murder rather than the court case that prevented one. And yet there has been barely a word about it in the national media.

The same is true of the suicide bombing in Bulgaria last Wednesday. The worst such incident in Europe since 7/7 received perfunctory coverage. On one level it is inexplicable. Until, that is, one considers the common theme that links the crimes: both sets of victims, one actual and one potential, were Jewish. Missing one of the stories could be an accident. Missing both, in the same week, smacks of something much worse.

Last updated: 11:36am, July 26 2012