Shock art nonsense

May 3, 2012

The principle that one should never seek to profit from the Holocaust seems to have passed by the Chilean shock artist Marco Evaristti. This week he went on to the Channel 4 programme, Four Rooms, and attempted to sell a gold and diamond sculpture of the gates of Auschwitz. Vulgar enough, you might think. But Evaristti went on to claim that the gold was melted down from the teeth of Austrian Jews who died in the camps, together with the gold teeth of his own grandmother who had bequeathed her dental fittings before she, too, was murdered. Quite how anyone could believe this specious and self-serving nonsense is hard to fathom. Giving TV transmission time to self-publicists is a dangerous game, but fortunately Evaristti was given short shrift by the Four Rooms dealers. The production team, however, should never have allowed him over the doorstep.

Last updated: 6:32pm, May 3 2012