Shameless Corbyn

April 27, 2012

Last week we pointed out that the Labour Party, having quite rightly called in February for Nick Clegg to remove the LibDem whip from Baroness Tonge, had signally failed to take any action against its own MP, Jeremy Corbyn, after he backed a demand for an inquiry into "pro-Israel lobbying groups". A week on and the party's inaction is just as pronounced. Mr Corbyn has meanwhile accused the JC of misrepresenting him. We invite readers to make up their own mind. View the video on of the Labour MP speaking at a press conference immediately after Raed Salah's solicitor's call for such an inquiry. Rather than disagreeing, Mr Corbyn explains how it should be conducted. Mr Corbyn's attempt to wriggle out of his own words is shameless.

Last updated: 3:36pm, April 27 2012