Straws in the wind

January 19, 2012

Occasionally - albeit not that often - there are straws in the wind which offer hope. Two such instances are recorded this week. First, Lynne Hazelden, a non-Jewish woman who has turned to Israel and its groundbreaking expertise in cancer treatments.

Ms Hazelden has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has already had one mastectomy, so when a second lump appeared she began to research what was medically available and did not restrict herself to Britain. To her surprise a Tel Aviv clinic was already offering pioneering cancer treatments which have attracted other medical tourists.

They have no political axe to grind; they simply want to get well. This, surely, is the answer to the boycotters.

The second optimistic story is less obvious but brings its own charm: the so-called Speed Sisters, the Palestinian women motor-racing drivers who are cutting through endless social and political barriers to realise their own dream, to be able to drive, very, very fast. This week they were guests at Silverstone.

Again, they make no political capital from their story. Like Lynne Hazelden, the Speed Sisters want to have a normal life and be free. Like almost all of us, whether in Israel, Palestine or anywhere else on the planet.

Last updated: 11:39am, January 19 2012