The kosher pork

November 28, 2011

Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger's initiative to bring kosher-killed Spanish goose meat to Israel, precisely because he has been assured by three non-Jewish chefs that it tastes just like pork, is a startling step for any rabbi to take. But Rabbi Metzger is aware of the rising numbers of Israelis, often originally from the former Soviet Union, who enjoy "white steak," as pork is euphemistically known in Israel.

His decision to find a kosher alternative is bold, though some rabbis will choke on their breakfast kugel at the move. It may be that the Metzger Pork Project will bring Israeli foodies back into the kashrut fold. Now the next challenge is to provide a kosher substitute for the prawn cocktail.

Last updated: 10:58am, November 28 2011