Sup with the devil

May 26, 2011

London Citizens can fairly claim to have changed the face of British politics. Its grassroots campaigns on the living wage and an asylum seeker amnesty have had a real impact.

The movement, which has drawn plaudits from politicians of every stripe, has links with churches and mosques and it is no surprise that it is keen to broaden its reach within the Jewish community.

All the more reason to be appalled by London Citizens' refusal to distance itself from its deputy chair, Junaid Ahmed, filmed cheerleading for Hamas and celebrating the terror group's "resistance" to Israel. London Citizens absurdly claim that this does not amount to support for terrorism. But this does not explain why leaders from the Liberal and Masorti movements have chosen to consort with such individuals. This is simply inexcusable.

Last updated: 11:12am, May 26 2011