Ofcom's failure

April 21, 2011

One has to wonder just what Ofcom is for. Channel 4 puts out a drama so grotesquely biased against Israel and so full of historical inaccuracies that even some of the extras declare themselves ashamed to have been part of it.
The Israeli Embassy receives more complaints about it than for any other programme in years. Forty four viewers make official complaints to Ofcom. And then in a 10-page report, the regulator rejects any breach of its code with the defence that The Promise is a "serious television drama, not presented as a historical re-creation".

So because it is fiction it is fine to regurgitate any old lie? If a historical drama were to portray Jews as hook-nosed blood-suckers of Christian babies, that would apparently be acceptable. Even more remarkably, Ofcom appears to be saying that since the drama had "serious" intent, its factual content should not be taken seriously. Work that one out if you can.

The Promise, which attracted 1.8 million viewers to its first episode, took the anti-Israel narrative to a new emotional apex. That is why it is so dangerous, and why Ofcom's miserable failure is so important.

    Last updated: 11:08am, April 27 2011