Stamp on racism

March 10, 2011

For the second time, the Census authorities have included a Jewish box in the section about religions, and community bodies such as the Board of Deputies and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research have urged people to tick it, to help with planning long-term strategy for Anglo-Jewry.
In such a week it is all the more welcome to see the Hate Crime Guide from the Community Security Trust. The 36-page booklet is specifically aimed at Britain's other minority communities and is the result of the Jewish community's long years in the firing line of racial abuse.

Now the CST, in an admirable initiative, is passing on the fruits of its experience in the most practical way possible: a nuts and bolts approach to what to do when faced with race hatred. How to define it, how to report it, who to call, what information to pass on when describing an attacker or a vehicle. Racial hatred has all too many targets in 21st century Britain, but it is to CST's credit that it should use its experience and know how to help ensure that all forms of racism and fundamentalism are trodden on - by everyone.

Last updated: 10:42am, March 10 2011