Beyond the pale

February 17, 2011

Islamophobia is a serious concern, over which the Jewish community should be keen to co-operate with an All Party Parliamentary Group.
So not least of the problems with the Islamophobia group's decision to retain its link with the Islamist organisation iEngage is that the All Party Group has now been rendered beyond the pale. So long as iEngage is involved, no representative of the Jewish community can have any dealings with it.

There is something truly sickening about iEngage's endorsement of the labelling of a Jewish MP as a 'nasty Israelite'. Sickening and worrying, because iEngage now has a foothold in Parliament. This is precisely what David Cameron warned about in his speech a fortnight ago, when he made clear that Islamists cannot be allowed influence.

iEngage is exactly the sort of organisation which needs to be kept away from Westminster. Which means the Prime Minister has a question to answer: how does the role as iEngage's spinner of Marjorie Thompson, at the heart of the Big Society as chair of the Conservative Cooperative Movement, fit in with his concerns? But the real questions are for Ed Miliband. It was Labour MPs, including a Shadow Cabinet ally, Sadiq Khan, who voted to keep iEngage involved in the group. What does the Leader of the Labour Party plan to do to show his disavowal of Islamists? Mr Miliband has explaining to do, and action to take.

    Last updated: 11:03am, February 17 2011