Boycott hypocrites

March 27, 2014

Last week we pointed out that the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is now officially antisemitic, having voted to support a ban on Jews — or Israelis, as the motion put it — from joining the International Union of Architects.

Needless to say, those who supported the vote leapt up and down with indignation that we should dare confuse their singling out of the Jewish state for a boycott, alone of all the nations on the planet, with antisemitism. We print two such letters on this page.

Readers will, of course, judge for themselves the motives behind the boycott campaign. But we venture to suggest that the “light and airy spaces [which] are perfect for your Bar and Bat Mitzvah”, as RIBA’s website advertises its facilities, may not see many more bookings.

RIBA, it seems, is still happy to take our money — and even to let Jews through the front door. It just doesn’t want Jews who happen to be Israeli to be allowed to join.

Last updated: 1:52pm, March 27 2014